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Content Creators Get Paid for Requests & Shout-outs

My Fans and Me

A new, unique platform where Content Creators can earn $ by offering their fans, followers and subscribers an EASY way to buy requests & shout-outs.

What is “My Fans and Me?”

We created this platform to help provide content creators with a new, unique, efficient way to receive reaction requests, custom requests, and shout-outs, and get paid for them. There are lots of supportive fans out there willing to pay for custom requests from their favorite content creators.

If you’re a content creator with a following, you now have a great new way to make money with your channel!

Popular content creators get bombarded with numerous requests every single day. While we haven’t figured out a way for every single request to be honored (yet), we have created a way for content creators to be able to do as many requests as they comfortably can by allowing them to set a certain number of requests & shout-outs to make available for the day or week. Fans can purchase these items until they are “Sold Out.” Content creator then fulfills the requests/shout-outs within 1 to 7 days (recommended).

After fulfillment of those orders, content creator will then re-set the number of requests & shout-outs they want to make available for the next day or week to start earning $$ all over again.


Unlike the other larger fan sites, fans are not required to buy a monthly subscription to view exclusive content or to purchase requests and shout-outs from content creators.

Content Creators,

Here's How it Works

Content Creators, Sign up and Become a Member

Become a My Fans and Me member, then sign up for Stripe (so you can get paid). Set the number of requests & shout-outs you want to do each day or week and set your prices (see sample below). Share your link with fans on all your social media sites.

Get Paid for Requests and Shout-Outs

Share the link to your profile on all your social media sites so that your supportive fans can buy reaction requests, custom requests, and personal shout-outs from you. You can even use our embed code to sell from your own website and/or Patreon account page.

Fulfill Your Fan Requests, then Repeat

Set the amount of requests & shout-outs you want to make available for the day or week. When these are all purchased, they will be marked as "SOLD OUT." Fulfill paid requests in 1 to 7 days (recommended), then re-set and start all over again!

Example of Content Creator's Item, Pricing, and Payment Form

earn money selling shout-outs and reactions

Content Creators, Host a Zoom Party (coming soon)

Host a Zoom Party, set the number of seats, set your price per seat, and have a great party online!

Content Creators, this is a

Game Changer

Grow Your Channel from a Hobby to a Real Business

Take your channel to the next level and start earning $$ today.

Members Login

Members log in to your profile.

Ways for Content Creators to Get Paid

Get Paid for Fan's Requests

Get paid for fulfilling requests your fans buy from you. These could be requests for you to react to a music video, TV show, or movie. They could be requests for you to comment on current events or to try a new food or to cook something or to experience something new. The sky's the limit!*

Get Paid for Shout-Outs

Fans love shout-outs! Your supportive fans are more than happy to pay for a personal shout-out from their favorite Content Creators. Get paid for shout-outs for birthdays, special occasions, life events, or simply just because. What a great way to engage with your fans! Easy and fun.

Get Paid by Receiving Tips

Put your older content to work for you! Your channel may have a number of videos from weeks, months, or YEARS ago. This is a great way to get paid for those videos over and over again! A tip button is added to your uploaded videos, allowing anyone to tip you any amount starting at $3 and up.

Raise Money for Fundraising

Help out a family, friend, or neighbor in need. Donate to your favorite charity. Give to your local animal shelters. Make a difference in your community. Raise money by donating all or a portion of your sales to your cause. Did you ever think your channel could do so much good for others?

Join the Best Community

Sign up and start earning money with shout-outs and requests today!

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Start Selling Requests & Shout-Outs Today

Why not try this out? It’s free to join and costs you nothing out of pocket. Once you start making sales, this site takes a low 10% fee for all transactions. Many fans love the chance to buy requests from their favorite content creators, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Start selling requests and shout-outs today!