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Earn $$ by offering your fans a new, easy way to buy requests, reactions & shout-outs

This site was created especially for content creators who want to earn money doing what they love.


Your supportive fans & followers can now purchase requests and shout-outs from you simply with the click of a button. Unlike those other fan sites, your fans never have to pay for any monthly subscriptions. It’s hassle-free, simple and easy.


You can even embed our code into your own website so your fans never have to leave your site to make purchases.


It’s free to join. Give it a try!

Here's How it Works

Sign Up

Content creators, sign up to become a member of My Fans and Me.

Complete your profile, upload profile pic and cover picture and enter your website and social media links. Upload photos and videos so you can receive tips.

Sign up with our payment processor, Stripe (so you can get paid).

Set it Up

Choose what items you will offer for sale (reaction, shout-outs, custom requests).

Choose how many of these items you can comfortably do in a day or week (for example, 3 reactions and 4 shout-outs for the day).

Set your own prices for each of these items (for example, $50 for each reaction request).

Use our embeddable code to sell requests and shout-outs from your own website and/or Patreon profile.

Fulfill Your Orders

Alert your fans, followers, and subscribers that you're now accepting paid requests and shout-outs & share the link to all your social media sites.

Accept orders. When all your available items are purchased, you'll be "Sold Out."

Complete & fulfill orders in a timely manner (1 to 7 days recommended).

Once all your purchases have been fulfilled, re-set your availability, start all over again and make more money!

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More Info

Hi Content Creators!


Your payments are deposited directly into your bank account every week on Friday.  My Fans and Me takes a low 10% fee with each transaction.


Suggestion: Fulfill all paid requests within a reasonable timeframe (suggest one to seven days). This timeframe is up to you; however, the sooner the better for happy, satisfied customers!


By using this platform, you acknowledge that you have read and understand and agree with the following:


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