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The importance of keeping your podcast audience engaged cannot be overemphasized. You’re expanding your business base as well as your podcasting audience. Therefore, you should be looking to monetize your podcast even if you don’t have any items or services to offer. Sponsorships paid adverts (those who pay you to promote their products or services), and affiliate connections are all options.

Below are several ideas for getting your listeners to join up for your email list to obtain a product of perceived value from you. The most effective approach to do this is to engage with your audience regularly.

You should lay out the trip you want your listener to travel with you as you construct your lead magnet (or initial product offer). I’m not just referring to making a mental note of the direction you want them to go. You must record the procedure in writing. It’s not for them; it’s for you!

It would help if you addressed all of the topics in your proposal.

However, you won’t know what those points are unless you write them down!

Take five to ten minutes to write down the key things you want your potential listener-list member to be aware of. Typically, a list of 10-12 headline-style concepts would suffice.

This is where you put your skills to the test!

Choose the top five points you want to make sure your audience is aware of. Then, create a survey using these five items. Send this survey to your current clients or subscribers. Place the survey on your website, podcast website, and social media accounts. Request that these individuals select their preferred topic.

Take the top two items and put them on your lead magnet as separate things. In effect, you’ll make two different lead magnets. Each has one thing.

Then, on your website, you should run each offer separately. Send your first offer to your mailing list. Make a social media post about it. Make a point of mentioning it in your program. This should last approximately two weeks.

Then, using the second lead magnet, repeat the process. This should be done for two weeks.

Examine the outcomes.
Choose the option that received the most positive feedback.

By reworking your lead magnet, you can now split test the most popular offer. Only one item needs to be changed. It could be because of the color. It could be the typeface. It could be a graphic or a photograph. However, be sure you’re only altering one thing at a time.

Then run the promotion once more. Again, examine what produces the best outcomes.

You will end up with a lead magnet that is pleasing to your audience and generates enough curiosity that your specific avatar is engaging with your lead magnet if you do this over a few months, just adjusting one thing at a time.

This will boost the number of relationships you have with your listeners and the number of listeners who become clients as a result.

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